Hello Everyone,

The cast lists for Spook-a-rama and Noises Off  are listed below:

1. Anyone who is not already a member on Schoology must sign up immediately. The rehearsal schedule will ONLY be posted on Schoology from this point forward, so it is EXTREMELY IMPORTANT that everyone joins Schoology and checks it daily, or sets it to receive proper notifications. The instructions about how to join are listed on the left-hand side of this screen under the "Schoology Access Code" link. You must follow the instructions carefully on how to join.  

Please note:
 I am requesting that every parent and every student have their own login to schoology. This allows me to accurately see who the course members are. This also allows me to reach out to the parents separately if needed.

2. REMEMBER: no additional conflicts (with the exception of illness and emergencies) may be added at this time. 

3. The cast lists for the Spook-a-rama, specifically "Super Scary," indicate which story you are cast in. You may be cast in more than one, so please read ALL of the lists! The rehearsal schedule will indicate which story will be rehearsing on which days. For tomorrow, we will begin with the 1st Story in "Super Scary" from 6-8pm. The rest of the rehearsal schedule will be posted on the Schoology calendar by tomorrow evening. 

4. "Noises Off" rehearsal will begin immediately after school until 5:30pm tomorrow. The rest of the rehearsal schedule will be posted on the Schoology calendar by tomorrow evening. 

10 Ways to Survive the Zombie Apocalypse

Narrators – Morgan Ryan & Victoria Knapp

Sam – Michael Corradino

Jimmy – Joshua Pereira

Christy – Gianna Vaynberg

Susan – Alexandra Hajdu-Nemeth

Zombie 1 – Alex Goferman

Zombie 2 – Sean Lacko

Girl – Viviana Rodriguez

Nana – Lukas Pereira

Zombies – Amanda Ponik, Maddie Rogala, Jackson Boomer, Abby McCarty, Bryanna Rosa, Matthew Gluchowski

Super Scary

Story #1

Storyteller – Michael Corradino

Janitor – Alex Goferman

Mayor – Joshua Pereira

Townsperson 1 – Matthew Gluchowski

Townsperson 2 – Jaylene Lugo

Townsperson 3 – Amanda Ponik

Butcher – Jackson Boomer

Old Woman – Lukas Pereira

Judge – Annika Schmidt

Lawyer – Abby McCarty

Witch – Maddie Rogala

Police Officer 1 – Gabriella Morelli

Police Officer 2 – Bryanna Rosa

Townspeople – Mackenzie Cruz, Jasmine Torres, Sara Saglimbeni, Gabriella Hamm, Viviana Rodriguez, Misha Hercules, Carlie Kolomyetz, Allison Devitt, Victoria Knapp, Emmanuel Owusu

Story #2

Storyteller – Michael Corradino

Passerby – Gianna Vaynberg

Stingy Jack – Lukas Pereira

Devil – Morgan Ryan

Bartender – Abby Bera

Masked Person –Nick Lieggi

Victim – Jennifer Rihacek

King 1 – David Irizarry

King 2 – Patrick Ponik

Cat – Joey Valenzuela

Dog – Anthony Cacchione

Story #3

Storyteller – Michael Corradino

Storyteller’s Wife – Jamie Metz

Belle – Allison Devitt

Sarah – Viviana Rodriguez

Teacher – Gabriella Hamm

Josh –Alex Goferman

Adam –Sean Lacko

Bear – Matthew Gluchowski

Steve – Joshua Pereira

Bride of Frankenstein – Gabriella Morelli

Police Officer – Emmanuel Owusu

Theatre Teacher – Carlie Kolomyetz

Students – Mackenzie Cruz, Jasmine Torres, Sara Saglimbeni, Annika Schmidt, Jaylene Lugo

Noises Off

Lloyd – Joey Valenzuela

Dotty – Cayla Shae O’Neil

Garry – Anthony Cacchione

Brooke – Abby Bera

Freddie – David Irizarry

Belinda – Anna Caruso

Poppy – Jennifer Rihacek

Tim – Nick Lieggi

Selsdon – Patrick Ponik

Thank you to all who auditioned!