WASTA Day Unites Class of 2023 to STA Family
Posted on 09/13/2019
WASTA Day welcomes STA Freshmen

On Friday September 13, 2019 the STA Class of 2023 anxiously filled the halls for STA’s annual “WE ARE STA” Day, better known as WASTA Day.

After the opening prayer prepared and led by Senior Joey Dunn, the “We are STA - Aquinas Cheer” began the activities of the day! This rousing cheer was led by senior
Athletic chairperson, Megan Herka. The “Rain Game” led by a group of seniors and Mrs. Lynne Braine, proved to us all of the power of working together as a community.

The freshmen were guided by the upperclassmen in numerous teambuilding and spirit-filled activities. The program included helpful icebreakers and activities led by sophomores, juniors, and seniors in small groups. New to WASTA day today was the “Dragon Tag” game and homeroom 9.7 was the winner!

Afterwards, a scavenger hunt using QR codes helped the Class of 2023 find out about the STA building and its people. Freshmen and upperclassmen raced through the building to finish the scavenger hunt first! These activities were done to unite the class of 2023 with the STA community.

Also included was a memorable video and question/answer section presented by the Student Council to showcase STA's various clubs and activities. The Little Theatre was rocking with the music of Mr. Joseph Cullinan (music director) on tape, air-guitarist Mr. Kevin McCarthy, and members of the STA band and chorus. With the singing of “Big House,” “Trading Our Sorrows,” “Living on a Prayer,” “September,” and the ever popular “God is a Good God,” the STA spirit was alive and moving in the Little Theatre!

Chants of “We Are STA” were heard loud and clear throughout the halls of STA! It was a great day filled with great spirit and great community! The day ended with a heartfelt cheer for the St. Thomas Aquinas faculty and staff.
WASTA – WE ARE ST. Thomas Aquinas!