Students Cultivate the 'Mustard Seed of Faith' at TASK
Posted on 11/05/2018
This past week, twenty-two seniors went to TASK (Trenton Area Soup Kitchen) on October 30th and 31st. The students, accompanied by Mr. Kevin McCarthy, served approximately 500 lunches at the soup kitchen over the course of the two days.  
Before leaving, at the pre-soup kitchen prayer and gathering, Sister Cynthia gave inspiring messages to the student and adult volunteers. Sister Cynthia challenged the volunteers to cultivate the ‘mustard seed of faith’ within the people at TASK.

Here is what some of the volunteers said about how they demonstrated their faith:

Jack explained; “I helped foster the mustard seed in one of the patrons by giving extra food and juice to her baby.” 

Ian Johnson said; “I smiled at every person I met and tried to do my best to make their day that much better.”

Olivia Hajdu-Nemeth reflected; “What fostered the seed within me was smiling and serving others while watching the impact that it made on their lives.”

Jazmin exclaimed; “I helped the people foster their mustard seed by serving a nutritious meal. I saw their happiness with a full stomach!”

Alice Choi reflected; “I was glad I could help the underprivileged.  Showing God’s love by serving food was amazing and I was happy to see people enjoying their food.”

Emily said; “We helped to foster the mustard seed in each person by putting food on their plate when they were hungry.  Food gives people energy and brings them together, which can put a smile on their face and help them to use their energy to spread positivity.”

Ivanna explained; “We helped foster the mustard seed of faith by helping others who are less fortunate. I liked giving back to the community and putting smiles on people’s faces.”

Kristen stated; “I helped foster the seed by treating everyone the same, and by being kind.”

John said the best way he could cultivate their faith was “by serving others with an open heart and positivity.”

Roxana Maroun summed it up perfectly: “I fostered the seed by putting the needs of others before mine.” 

Here are examples on how other students felt while volunteering:

Girley said; “TASK helped me look at a different aspect of life. I learned many new things that I feel will help me grow as a person. I'm so thankful for the opportunity to have gone.”

Emily explained; “At TASK, we served food to the less fortunate. This was life-changing, it helped me learn to not judge people by their covers because on the inside they can be nice, kind and sweet. I'm glad I got this opportunity.”

Morgan reflected; “Seeing all the people receive their food truly melted my heart. I could tell it meant so much to them and it felt good to be able to impact their lives by doing something so minimal. They were all smiling which also made me smile!”

Julia admitted; “I was nervous at first because I had never been to a soup kitchen. However, as soon as we got there and started working everyone was so welcoming. We helped serve food to people in need, brightened up their day by singing and by having an overall positive attitude. I'm so happy that I was blessed to have this opportunity to make a difference in other people's lives.”

Bella said; “Going to TASK allowed me to interact with the community and help the people around me. I felt glad that I was able to help the soup kitchen that heavily relies on volunteers and I was able to contribute and making everyone's experience happier and easier. I really enjoyed my time there and this trip also made me feel grateful for all that I have and I was happy to give back my time and energy to those who aren't as well off as I am.”

Sarah reflected; “This experience was rewarding for me as I was able to directly impact the community in a positive way and saw the results immediately. I'm so lucky to have had this opportunity and would recommend it to other students.”

Sachi explained; “My experience at TASK made me realize how little some people have. The people were all so nice and I had an amazing time. I really enjoyed giving out candy bags and getting everyone in the Halloween spirit. I'm glad I got the opportunity to go this year and I will definitely spread the word about it.”

Ella thought; “This experience widened my perspective on life and it's values. I felt immediate gratitude for what I have after seeing what basic necessities others don't have. After volunteering at task, I have grown more not only as a Catholic but as a moral individual.”

Finally, Gina reflected; “It was my first time going to TASK, and it was so much fun.  The employees at the soup kitchen were so nice and made the job so enjoyable.  I didn't want to be the one who messed up or dropped anything, but the workers were very cordial and made me comfortable with my job serving.  We played music and had a great time with all of my friends.  I would love to do it again!” 

It was two great examples of our students’ willingness to spread their faith and service to those in need.