Students Prepare Over 400 Lunches for TASK
Posted on 03/21/2019
On Wednesday, March 20, 35 Bishop Ahr students plus Sister Cynthia, Mr. John Roche, Mr. Harry Ziegler, Ms. Liz Savner, Mrs. Karen Wilton, Ms. Lilly Acab, Ms. Elizabeth Ruiz-Hurrera, Mrs. Lynne Braine, Mrs. Dorothy Machovic, Mr. John Tocci, Mr. Greg Brooks, and Father Keith Cervine put together 400 bagged lunches for the CSAC “CHANGE” the World Project! Into each bag of lunch was put a sandwich, a napkin, 2 snack items, a bottle of water, and lots of love.    

The week before, 25 freshmen stayed after school and decorated each bag with positive thoughts. On Thursday, March 21, the lunches were delivered to the Trenton Area Soup Kitchen (TASK) by the BGA maintenance staff. 

Before beginning the project, the group prayed thanking God for our lives and all that we had. We also prayed asking God’s blessings on those who would receive the lunch bags and also on all who made the sandwiches and donated the money for the supplies.