Donated Christmas Trees Bring Joy to Families in Need
Posted on 12/18/2018
The Christmas Tree decorating project at Bishop Ahr High School produced eight of the most beautifully decorated trees. Each class collected various ornaments and lights for the trees. Some were decorated to reflect a theme and other were red and green Christmas themed. These decorated trees remained in the lobby of the school adding great Christmas spirit to the Bishop Ahr High School community. 

On Monday, December 17th, the trees were delivered by the class officers to St. James Food Pantry to be given to families in need of a tree. Deacon Rich Lutomski, former member of Campus Ministry at BGA and member of the St. James Food Pantry crew, will help to give the trees to the families.

Here are some of the comments made by the students who delivered the trees:

The Freshman Officers: “It was a pleasure knowing that all eight trees are going to people in need. I enjoyed working with my friends on this activity.” - Joey Vergel
“It was a fun experience! More importantly, it was nice to know that a simple thing, such as an ornament, can bring joy to people.”- Joey Spaltro

Sophomore Officers: “I really enjoyed sharing the light of Christ with others by donating trees, the decorations, and my time” - Jaren Buliyat
“I really enjoyed working together with my fellow class officers to help the community. It was such a fun experience!” - Brianna Dy

Junior Officers: “I am inspired to help others around the holidays and I love knowing that families will be able to feel the Christmas spirit with our decorated trees!” - Craig Mollica
“I loved having the chance to help others and know that more families will have a little extra Christmas cheer this year. Working together with my fellow classmates made the experience even more enjoyable.” - Alyssa Pittari

Senior Officers: “The opportunity to share the Christmas spirit with eight different families gives me so much joy and helps me be grateful for the life I have.” - Sasha Pierre
“I loved having the chance to spread Christmas cheer by doing a good deed. It was such a feel-good experience!” - Aryana Dehghan

Campus Minister Sister Cynthia Babyak said, “We have been doing this project for many years and every year the real meaning of Christmas is discovered by the students who put the trees together and also by those who received the trees. It is our privilege to do this project and bring joy to others.”