Blessing of the School and All Who Enter It
Posted on 01/06/2020
On Monday, January 6, 2020, St. Thomas Aquinas High School took part in the traditional Christian blessing of the school building.

Father Keith Cervine, St. Thomas Aquinas Chaplain, lead the school blessing with this prayer “Blessed are you, Lord God, may this water be a sign of your protection upon all 
who attend this school and work here and also upon this building and upon all things within it.”

Sister Cynthia Marie Babyak, Campus Minister, continued the prayer: “May all be protected from every harm or sickness. May your peace remain here always. Send your angel from heaven to guide and protect all who learn and work in this school. Give each of them joy and encouragement in your service. We ask this blessing through Christ our Lord. Amen.”

After the prayer of blessing over the loudspeaker, Father Keith, Mr. John Roche, and Mr. Kevin McCarthy blessed all of the rooms in the school building. They were accompanied by servers and the STA Chorus.