Annual Gobbling Contest Raises Spirits at Thanksgiving
Posted on 11/23/2020
The Annual Aquinas High School Gobbling Contest took place in spite of COVID!  For the 2020 Gobbling Contest there were 7 Gobbling Groups who produced their own recording or were recorded by Mr. John Roche.  He then produced a complete recording of the Gobbling Groups.

On Thursday, November 19th and Friday, November 20th the STA community heard the 7 gobbler groups do their “Gobbling Routines”.  Each group of gobblers “gobble” was unique, outrageous, awesome and different.  Laughter could be heard throughout the halls when the recording was played each day.

Students and faculty then had an opportunity to vote for their favorite Gobbler by taking an online survey.

The awesome seniors who volunteered to be the 2020 STA Gobblers were:

Gobblers #1 - Joey Valenzuela and Anthony Cacchione
Gobblers #2 - Rachel Freund and Karina Diaz
Gobblers #3 - Jaren Buliyat and Antonio Ortega
Gobblers #4 - Abby Chadwick and Gianna Strazzulla
Gobblers #5 - Peer Leadership - Period 3
Gobblers #6 - Anna Caruso and Riley Ramos
Gobblers #7 - Yamylka Pichardo and Fiorella Merriman-Mendez

And the winners are…
1st Place - Gobblers #3 (Jaren & Antonio)
2nd Place - Gobblers #6 (Anna & Riley)
3rd Place - Gobblers #1 (Joey & Anthony)

Congratulations to all the Gobblers!