Dime-a-Day Begins March 6
Posted on 03/04/2019
The BGA “Dime a Day” for this Lent begins on Ash Wednesday, March 6, and entire BGA Community is invited to join our Lenten 2019 Almsgiving.

Palikuqa Primary SchoolFor the 2019 “Dime a Day” Program, we will be supporting Ms. Amy Kate Byrne (former teacher and alumna of Bishop Ahr) at her Peace Corps posting in North Macedonia: Palikuqa Primary School. Ms. Byrne’s work in North Macedonia has been focused on education and community development. The money that we raise during this year’s Dime a Day will be used to help fund needs in the school she is assigned to. All donations are needed by Friday, April 5. The money collected will help to purchase items for the Palikuqa Primary School.

Dime a Day is not a contest; it is a total community effort to work together, to help the poor and to “change” ourselves. This is a great way for our community to answer the 

Thank you all for your participation!

- Sister Cynthia, Fr. Keith, Kevin McCarthy, and John Roche

“And they all ate and were satisfied…” Mark 6: 42.