Thank you to all who auditioned!

Please click here for the cast list of Young Frankenstein and then follow the instructions below.

The Principal Characters (which include Frederick, Inga, Igor, Frau Blucher, Inspector Kemp, Victor Frankenstein, The Hermit, & Ziggy) must pick up their scripts before leaving for Christmas Break. ALL CAST & CREW MEMBERS AND THEIR PARENT/GUARDIAN MUST JOIN SCHOOLOGY BY FRIDAY, 12/22, SO YOU CAN RECEIVE YOUR REHEARSAL SCHEDULE OVER CHRISTMAS BREAK. We will no longer be using the school website for production updates. Instructions on how to join schoology are posted below. 

Please keep in mind that I am making our rehearsal schedule around the conflicts listed on your conflict calendars. Additional conflicts that interfere with rehearsals will result in your dismissal from the show. 


If you are a new Drama Dept. member, you and a parent/guardian MUST JOIN SCHOOLOGY. We do not use the website or email anymore for daily forms of communication. This is how you do it...

  1. Go to and click sign up. Whether you are a student or a parent, you must sign up as a student.
  2. Then you must enter this access code and click continue - B76CV-26632
  3. Fill out the required form, then click register.
  4. Once you register, you will need to be accepted before you can have full access to the Drama Dept. Course.
  5. Please click on your account settings (this can be found at the top right corner of the screen by clicking the drop arrow next to your name). Then you MUST CHANGE YOUR TIMEZONE SETTING to America/New York. 

**I am requesting that every parent and every student have their own login to schoology. This allows me to accurately see who the course members are. This also allows me to reach out to the parents separately if needed.