Share Your News

Share Your News

Are you looking for an opportunity to share the accomplishments of the students, alumni, faculty and/or staff of Bishop George Ahr / St. Thomas Aquinas High School?


Here at BGA, we aim to publicize school activities and student achievement through a variety of means and resources. However, with as much that goes on which involves people from BGA, it's often difficult to keep track of everything that's happening, and recognize those who have earned recognition. We depend on you, the school community, to submit information to us about projects, events, accomplishments, etc.


Please use the form below to send us news items, achievements, and public events information. When you submit an item, we may contact you for additional details. Submitting information to us earlier is always better.


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If you have a photo to go along with your news, please send it to:Mrs. Deborah Chippendale, Director of Alumni & Advancement

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