Students Explore Social Justice During Ahr Service Week
Posted on 07/02/2018
This past week, 30 Bishop Ahr High School students participated in our 4th annual Ahr Service Week. The week, sponsored by the Campus Ministry Department, was an opportunity for the students to learn about social justice, inequalities that exist in our world, and the steps they can take right now to bring change.

On their first day together, students learned about Catholic Social Teaching and how it is one of the best-kept secrets in Catholicism. The group discussed holiness and the modern day saints who are living out their holiness.

On the second day, students learned about the difficulty of feeding a family on a limited budget and how poverty can act in a cycle.   Students, accompanied by Religion Department Chair Mrs. Susan Williamson, went to Shoprite to plan a days worth of meals for a family living on welfare. They were then able to discuss the implications of such a diet. With the help of Art Teacher Ms. Casey Walker, students worked on creating plastic mat/blankets that Bishop Ahr will be able to donate to the needy in our own community. That evening, the group watched "Romero," the critically-acclaimed film depicting the life of modern-day saint Archbishop Oscar Romero (who will be declared a saint in October). The call of holiness was something that Romero answered by being with the community the people he was serving.

On the third day, students gave back to their own community by helping our maintenance team clean every locker in the building so that students will return to school in September with a clean locker to live out of. Some of our students helped Campus Minister Sr. Cynthia Marie Babyak to prepare silverware for our annual Ahr Star Dinner, which will take place on October 4. The week concluded with a community prayer service with family and friends gathered to thank God for the blessed week that we shared. It was truly a week of unleashing love on our world.