Summer Math Assignments for Algebra and Geometry Courses 2020-21

Students taking the following courses in the Fall have a Summer Math Assignment in Khan Academy to refresh pre-requisite skills:

  • Algebra I (400)
  • Algebra I Accelerated (401)
  • Algebra I Honors (402)
  • Geometry (410)
  • Geometry Accelerated (411)
  • Geometry Honors (412)
  • Algebra II/Geometry Honors (422)
  • Algebra II (430)
  • Algebra II Accelerated (431)
  • Algebra II Honors (432)

Khan Academy enjoys a solid reputation in the field of math instruction and Standardized Test Preparation. Their partnership with the College Board allows them to provide customized practice (in both Math and Language) to students preparing for the SAT test based on their prior PSAT and SAT results. They also have an extensive library of science, language and economics courses. All students are therefore encouraged to create (or keep) their Khan Academy Accounts.

Khan Academy is a public site and parents and guardians are reminded to supervise their children in this environment. Biographical or geographical information is NOT required. Comments or questions submitted there are NOT directed to STA. There is also no obligation to donate.

For now, students are encouraged to set up their accounts using the interface of their choice and to explore the site. Those planning to take the Math Placement Test can also find additional practice by searching either the subject or skill name.

When summer arrives, all newly registered students will be mailed school issued e-mail addresses and passwords. If they are taking one of the courses named above, the details of their Summer Math assignment will be sent to this new e-mail and the assignment itself will be posted to the Khan Academy account they have connected to me as their coach.

For all courses, the assignment is due the Monday of the first full week of classes and counts as 5% of the first Quarter Grade. Contact Ms. Thea Peluso in our Math Department with any concerns: or (732) 549-1108 ex. 519. Be certain to give the student name and class year in all messages.