Student of the Quarter

The Student of the Quarter program at Bishop George Ahr High School was established to highlight student achievement at the school. The goal of the program is to recognize those students who truly represent the school's mission statement, and who embody what it means to be a well-balanced individual.

Students are nominated for this award by faculty and staff.  At the end of each quarter, a selection committee meets to review the nominations and choose the students who best represent the meaning of "being a Bishop Ahr student".

The committee looks at a wide range of criteria:

  • Academic Record
  • Disciplinary Record
  • Community Service Record
  • Outstanding Individual Achievement
  • Extra-Curricular Involvement
  • Leadership
  • Attitude and Outlook
  • Day-to-Day Interactions with Peers
  • Willingness to Help Others
Two students from each grade are chosen per quarter.  Students may receive multiple nominations, but may not win the award multiple times.
Students of the Quarter Q4 2016-17
Congratulations to the 4th Quarter Recipients: Joseph Dunn, Carly Petela, Rohan Tonk, Jin Zhou, Simon Llaguno, Caroline Tramontana, Christine Kelly, Justin Sandstrom
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Students of the Quarter Q3 2016-17
Congratulations to the 3rd Quarter recipients: Jasmine Paredes, Samantha Soldo, Sonya Ashdir, Nicholas Schroll, Jude Roche, Julia Hauss, Rafael Parsacala, Rachel Reyes
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Students of the Quarter Q2 2016-17
Congratulations to the Second Quarter recipients: Alyssa DeJianne, Ryan Gluchowski, Gabriella Jakielaszek, Morgan Maguire, Naomy Azcona, Pamela Picerno, Camryn Hadley, Jillian Ramirez
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Students of the Quarter Q1 2016-17
Congratulations to the First Quarter recipients: Julia Kebuladze, Bianca Villadolid, Jared Currie, Paul Iskander, Leslie Lopez, Joshua Hornilla, Kelsey Kacsmar, Andrew Michael
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