Student Government

Bishop Ahr High School has a long history of student government in which students serve the interests of their classmates to promote a memorable and inclusive high school experience.

The student leaders for the 2017-18 school year are:
Student Body President Angelina Cerasani
Student Body Vice-President Jillian Lupton
Secretary/Treasurer Joo Eun Lim
Publicity Chaiperson Thaomi Nguyen
Social Media Representative Leslie Lopez
Athletic Chairperson Ryan Breyta
Ahr Star Co-Chairperson Jude Roche
Alexa Romanella
Social Activities Chairperson Sophia Rivera
Club Coordinator Abigail Lancia

Class of 2018 President Sara Decker
Class of 2018 Vice President Bridgette Favale
Class of 2018 Secretary/Treasurer Ryleigh Greenwald

Class of 2019 President Sasha Pierre
Class of 2019 Vice President Kevin O'Neill

Class of 2020 President Emma Boslet
Class of 2020 Secretary/Treasurer Sarah Shanahan

Class of 2021 President Luke Franczak
Class of 2021 Secretary/Treasurer Brianna Dy

Student Leaders 2017-18