Club & Organizations

St. Thomas Aquinas High School offers dozens of teacher-led extracurricular activities for students to get involved in. These clubs and organizations are extensions of the curricular offerings of STA and offer students the opportunity to explore their interests, broaden their horizons, meet new people, and have fun at the end of the school day!

Adobe Generation Club

Students will learn how to create stunning images, amazing animation, captivating videos, cool games and fabulous app designs from these courses. Students also have the opportunity to learn and experiment with software packages available within the Adobe Creative Cloud including Photoshop, Flash, Edge, and After Effects.

Advisor: Ms. Marie Smith

Adobe Photoshop Club

African-American Club

Promotes awareness of African-American culture and history both locally and nationally.

Advisor: Ms. Marie Smith

Ahr Choice

Promotes a no use lifestyle; students must be selected to participate.

Advisor: Ms. Brianne DiBetta

Aquinas Star

The "Aquinas Star" program brings the community together to support a chronically or terminally ill child. The most important goal of the Aquinas Star Program at STA is to give the Aquinas Star and his/her family financial, spiritual, emotional and community support during the year.

Advisor: Sr. Cynthia Babyak
Ahr Star

Art Club

The goal of this club is to foster creativity within the BGAHS community. This is an opportunity for students to explore various media in a creative setting. We also look to promote BGAHS outside of the school through submitting artwork for local and national competitions.

Advisor: Ms. Casey Walker

Art Club

Book Club

The Book Club is a way of encouraging all students to enjoy reading. We come together as a group as often as we can to express our opinions on the books were reading in order to gain an appreciation for all genres of literature.

Advisor: Ms. Michelle Penny

Christian Social Action Club (CSAC)

CSAC focuses its attention on the factor of service here at BGAHS. AHR community strongly represents itself in this club through the social action in which Bishop Ahr is known for. Our club brings forth the true meaning of what it is to do service. Helping other people as well as helping raise up our own community, is very important.

Advisor: Sr. Cynthia Babyak

Environmental Service Club

Promotes environmental awareness and is concerned with the betterment of our community. Every student is encouraged to reduce, reuse, and recycle. This club serves as a model for others to follow in order to make tomorrow's world a better place.

Advisor: Mrs. Lynne Braine

Fishing Club

The Fishing Club brings together students with a love of fishing or a desire to learn more about this exciting outdoor activity. Students will learn more about the sport, share stories, and join together at the end of the year for a fun fishing trip.

Advisor: Mr. Dennis O'Keefe

Fishing Club

The Future Lawyers' Club

Stimulates and encourages a deeper understanding of the American legal system by our students. In addition to learning the rules and procedures needed to compete in the New Jersey Mock Trial Competition, members of the club are asked to promote good sportsmanship, academic integrity, honesty, and fair play, and to fully respect each other and any members of all opposing teams.

Advisor: Mr. Phil Mascaro

Future Lawyers Club



The mission of Insight is to diligently work as a team to produce and print a yearbook publication that represents the goals, accomplishments, student body, and faculty and staff of BGAHS as accurately as possible.
Advisor: Mrs. Diane Fucci

International Club

Explores various cultures through awareness, appreciation, and connection events such as holiday celebrations, field trips, movies, food sharing, virtual tours, and language learning.

Advisor: Mrs. Lynne Braine

International Club

Medical Explorers Club

This club explores various health-related fields in a fun environment, educating on the many available occupations these fields have to offer. Through the course of the year the students will have the opportunity to participate in hands-on learning and one to one sessions with health professionals.

Advisor: Mr. Dan Mulvihill

National Honors Society

NHS members are those who exemplify the four pillars: character, scholarship, leadership and service. Students must show evidence of leadership, have at least 50 hours of service every year, have a GPA of 3.9 or better and exemplify good character.

Advisor: Mr. John Roche

Photography Club

Members discover the art of photography and learn about photographic technique in a friendly and supportive environment for those of all skill levels.

Advisor: Ms. Casey Walker

Photography Club

Power in Knowledge is a young women's' group that provides a forum for the young women of BGAHS to raise awareness and discuss important issues.

Advisor: Ms. Denise Markert & Mrs. Laura Veni

Pro-Life Club

It is our mission to foster in our school community an awareness of the dignity and sanctity of all human life from the womb to the tomb. We are dedicated to observing and promoting the teaching of the Roman Catholic Church on all life issues, including abortion, euthanasia, assisted suicide and stem cell research.

Advisor: Mrs. Sue Williamson

Robotics Club

Established as a means for students to foster their knowledge of engineering and STEM fields, the club designs and builds robots with different capabilities and introduces students to the engineering profession and the engineering design process. Through collaborative team activities, projects, and problems, club members solve problems as they practice common engineering design and development protocols. The club also competes in the highly competitive national First Robotics Competition and Technical Design Challenge.

Advisor: Mr. Matt Kondracki

Robotics Club

Science Club


This club is intended to improve students' understanding and overall interest in the scientific field by engaging in interactive activities. Throughout the year, multiple disciplines of science will be covered, including: Biology, Chemistry, Physics, Biochemistry, Anatomy, and Marine/Aquatic Biology.

Advisor: Mr. Dan Mulvihill

Student Council

Is dedicated to leading the rest of the student body in school activities/events, fundraisers, service projects, clubs, and athletic events. Each member of the Student Council has a specific position in which they are in charge of however they all strive toward the one goal of bettering the BGAHS community.

Advisor: Mrs. Diane Fucci and Mr. Mike Kowalczyk

Video Production Club

Allows students to immerse themselves in the film-making process. We watch classic movies, learn about video editing strategies, produce short films, and of course have fun!

Advisor: Ms. Michelle Penny

Video Production Club