St. Thomas Aquinas Award

Better to illuminate than merely to shine, to deliver to other contemplated truths than merely to contemplate.St. Thomas Aquinas

Throughout out forty-six year history, the St. Thomas Aquinas Award has been given to alumni, family and friends who have continued to foster and exhibit, in their lives, the mission statement of Bishop George Ahr / St. Thomas Aquinas High School.

The following is a list of those distinguished individuals:
Reverend Msgr. Michael Alliegro
Mr. William Gerald McCormick, '98
Sister Cynthia Marie Babyak, C.S.S.F.
Mr. Robert Merski
Mr. Edwin Bast, '73
Mr. Tom Michaels
Mr. John Borys
Sister Marilyn Minter, C.S.S.F.
Mrs. Catherine Brady
Dr. Janet Onufer-Michael, O.D.
Msgr. Richard C. Brietske
Mr. Joseph Parauda (posthumously)
Mr. & Mrs. Charles A Burt
Msgr. A.J. Perini
Ms. Margaret Collins
Mrs. Frances Perlin
Mrs. John Czajkowski, '84
Mr. Gary Phillips
Mr. & Mrs. Alphonse Dama
Mr. Joseph (Rocky) Prosdocimo
Mrs. Joanne Eckert
Mr. Robert Reidinger
Mr. Robert Gironda
Mrs. Maureen Rickerhauser-Krall, '74
The Felician Sisters
Mr. &. Mrs. Kevin Roche
Dr. & Mrs. Peter Freis
Mr. & Mrs. David J. Samuel
Mr. Matthew Kellerman, '75
Mr. Stephen Sienko
Mr. Adolph Kuchta (posthumously)
Mr. Bob Sinka
Ms. Maureen Lynch-MacArthur, '79
Mr. Michael Tirpak
Ms. Melanie McGarry
Sister Donna Marie Trukowski, C.S.S.F.
Ms. Amy McAuliffe, '86
Mrs. Susan Williamson
Mr. and Mrs. Greg Lind