Class of 2020

Letter to the Class of 2020 Regarding Locker Cleanout

To the Class of 2020 and their Parent(s)/Guardian(s):

On behalf of the Administration, Faculty, and Staff, let me be the first to congratulate you on all of the accomplishments you have made during your time here at St. Thomas Aquinas High School. We are proud of the Class of 2020 and the way that you have handled the challenges of this pandemic. We know that this is not the senior year that you expected to have, but like the fine young men and women that you are, you have risen to this occasion with grace and maturity.

As you are now aware, your last day of classes is scheduled for Tuesday, May 19. Though you will be finished with your coursework, there are still a number of things that need to happen until you are officially graduates of St. Thomas Aquinas High School. One of the pressing things that needs to happen is for you to come back to school and clean out your locker(s).

This clean-up procedure was designed in collaboration with Governor Murphy’s directives, the Superintendent of the Diocese of Metuchen Dr. Robert Lockwood, Mr. Jay Elliot from the Edison Board of Health, and Lt. Robert J. Dudash Jr. from the Edison Police Department. We are asking for your cooperation to accomplish this clean out process quickly and safely.

Beginning on Wednesday, May 20 – seniors will begin reporting to school at their assigned date and time (see below) to clean out their locker(s). When you arrive at school – please park in the Junior Parking Lot (at the back of the building) and walk around to the front of the building to enter through the Main Doors.

To enter the school – you will need to be wearing a mask or face covering (which needs to remain on for the duration of your stay) and gloves. Please bring a bag or backpack to carry any items that you will be taking home. Restrooms will be available for handwashing and hand sanitizer will be located throughout the Gym for your use. You will check-in with a faculty member in the Main Lobby and then quickly clear out your locker(s). Though we would love to provide you an opportunity to connect with friends, the current situation cannot allow us to do that. All students and faculty in school for the locker clean out need to maintain social distancing (6 feet apart) for the duration of their stay.

The following items need to be returned to the school:
• Your senior year lanyard
• All textbooks issued to you (including second sets for home, if issued)
• Any Athletic Uniforms you may owe to the Athletic Department
• And any other items that belong to the school

If you are currently taking Physical Education, you will need to clear out your Phys. Ed. Locker and return the lock to the Phys. Ed. Department.

If you are an athlete with anything in an Athletic Locker, you will need to clear out the Athletic Locker and return the lock (if used) to the Athletic Department.

Upon cleaning out your locker(s) you will return your textbooks, lanyards, and athletic uniforms to
the Main Gym. A faculty member will check-in the textbooks, etc. Reminder – any unreturned textbooks will result in a financial hold being placed on your account.

Before you exit – you will be given your graduation cap & gown (please make certain that your
graduation fee has been paid). In addition, we will be taking a photo of each member of the Class of 2020.

Please make sure you are following all dress down rules and are wearing a mask or face covering.
We are aware that this is not an ideal situation, but we want to ensure you have any personal items you may have left – and have returned any textbooks to school.

Please Note: You will not be allowed to visit any other school offices on clean-up day. Please make any other appointments at a later date through an email sent to the appropriate person.
We also want to make you aware that we are planning on hosting a Drive-Thru Graduation Ceremony on Thursday, June 4 beginning at 3p.m., rain or shine, unless pandemic-related issues prevent us from moving forward. More details will follow, but we are only able to accommodate one car per graduate!

Although we are apart right now, please know of my continued prayers for you and your family! I am truly proud of your legacy here at St. Thomas Aquinas High School.

Updated Locker Clean-Out Schedule

Thank you to all the seniors who participated at locker clean out on Wednesday! Your efficiency is appreciated. We are asking that if you have not yet attended locker clean out - that you see the adjusted schedule below. If you are scheduled for Thursday - you will still report to locker clean out on Thursday. Please see the new time below:

9am Appt. - still come at 9am
11am Appt. - please come at 10am
1pm Appt. - please come at 11am

If you are scheduled for Friday - you will still report to locker clean out on Friday. Please see the new time below:

9am Appt. - still come at 9am
11am Appt. - please come at 10am
1pm Appt. - please come at 11am

Thank you for your cooperation!