Matt Roche '11

Matt Roche discovered the leader he would become during his time at Bishop Ahr High School. From captain of the Boys Soccer team to President of the Class of 2011 to Editor of the school newspaper, the leadership skills that he fostered at BGA would set him up for the successes that he would find in college and beyond.

Roche was heavily involved in extracurricular activities and leadership roles during his four years at Bishop Ahr High School. He says that being the Editor of the school newspaper and the Class President helped him to learn what it means to be a leader and how to work well under pressure. It also taught him how to involve others in order to achieve success rather than just focusing on what he can do alone. His highlights include the countless hours spent on the soccer team, working on the school newspaper, and performing community service around the school. “I think that those specific events held the most value for me because I was able to do the things I was passionate and excited about with people who felt the same way.” He looks back fondly on all his memories from his time at BGA, including warm ones such as Christmas Caroling at the Felician Sisters nursing home and not-so-warm ones like cramming to meet deadlines for the paper or playing soccer in freezing temperatures. All of these experiences gave him a chance to be with like-minded classmates and people that he cared about.

Bishop Ahr High School also helped Matt Roche to hone the high standards that he sets for himself. His focus in life is to meet all of the goals and expectations that he sets for himself. He says that BGA helped him to feel confident in who he was as a person and in his abilities and that it allowed him to have a certain level of independence that helped him to refine and develop these skills. He comments that BGA truly prepared him to be confident in college as a student and as a leader. He recommends BGA to anyone who thinks that they have untapped potential. “Bishop Ahr does a phenomenal job of accessing every student’s God-given ability and allowing them to express that ability in various settings without fear of being ridiculed or made fun of for it.” In college, he would become the leader of groups like Peer Ministers, the Community Service Scholars, the Christmas Toy Drive, and the Student Affairs Advisory Council.

Of course, it’s not all business for Matt Roche. In the last few years he has traveled to Kentucky on a Service Immersion Trip, visited England twice for a “massive soccer experience” of English-based clubs in which he visited 6 stadiums in 5 days then 4 stadiums in 5 days, participated in a training session with the New York Red Bulls, and gotten engaged!

His undergraduate education in Secondary Education and History at La Salle University in Philadelphia eventually led him back to Bishop George Ahr High School, where he now follows his passion for teaching and leading, serving as a History teacher as well as Head Boys Soccer Coach, Head Girls Lacrosse Coach, and Advisor for the school newspaper The Satoma. He is also a Manager at Crystal Springs Family Waterpark in East Brunswick, NJ.