Roger Kilgore '12

Roger Kilgore set some high expectations for himself when he arrived at Bishop Ahr High School in 2008. By the time he graduated, he was a member of the National Honor Society, an All-Conference football and basketball athlete, and the first member of his family to be admitted to an Ivy League School.

Kilgore excelled on the athletic fields and courts, serving as captain of both the football and basketball teams. For football, he was selected for both the 2011 and 2012 All-Conference team and Snapple Bowl. For basketball, he was selected as a 2012 First Team All-Conference player. In recognition of his outstanding academic and athletic skills, News 12 named him Scholar-Athletic of the Year and the Greater Middlesex County honored him with one of the Sportsmanship Awards for 2012. Being an athlete at BGA not only helped him achieve his athletic possibilities but it also taught him the importance of time management. His coaches stressed the importance of both excelling on the court and field and of excelling in the classroom. The time management skills that he acquired at BGA gave him the confidence to juggle the rigors of an Ivy league academic course load with the demanding 30-hour a week schedule that he had to maintain as a Division 1 football player.

Kilgore discovered that Bishop Ahr High School was more than just academics, athletics, and extracurricular activities. One of the defining experiences of his time at BGA occurred simultaneously with one of the most traumatic life experiences he had. At the end of his Freshman year, his older brother suddenly passed away. He describes this as being a “defining life experience” because a week later at the funeral, he saw Sister Donna, Sister Cyndi, his guidance counselor, and a host of teachers and parents of BGA students. “Many places talk about being ‘family-oriented’ but in that moment, BGA proved it by being there to support both myself and my family during that traumatic life experience. My high school taught me that ‘family’ is more than just those who are related by blood, and this is why I will forever be attached to BGA.”

Since graduating from Yale University, Kilgore has undertaken many exciting opportunities as he followed his passion for public service, from serving in Toledo, Ohio for Hillary Clinton’s presidential campaign to interning for U.S. Senator Cory Booker in Newark to currently training in Officer Candidate School in the U.S. Army. His focus in life is to help those around him and he plans to spend the rest of his life doing so in the public sector.